Renée Railsback Director

Renée Railsback is the Director of the Colorado Local Technical Assistance Program. She is Colorado's longest serving LTAP Director and has been with the center for over 18 years. Renée has Masters Degrees in both Architectural Design and Structural Engineering from the University of Colorado. Her background is in structural engineering mechanics of materials and research in the use of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebar for concrete pavements. She was a Structures professor in the Masters Architecture program at CU Denver for 4 years. Renée has presented throughout the country on Preparing Public Works for Emergency Disaster Response, and Sign Inventory Management. Nationally, Renée has served on several Federal Highway Administration Committees and is Past-President of the National LTAP Association. In state, she focuses on the advancement of local transportation needs by serving on APWAs Colorado Chapter Board of Directors, is Secretary of the Colorado Association for Roadway Maintenance, serves on COs Transportation Innovation Council Executive Committee and CO Strategic Highway Safety Plan Steering Committee. Rene has been a Softball player and Tap Dancer for over 40 years and loves to travel the world.