Technology and Innovation Implementation

While knowledge sharing can occur through virtually any form, Technology Transfer can be an effective mechanism for motivating and facilitating knowledge sharing and accelerating innovative processes.Technology Transfer is an integral function of Colorado LTAP in advancing innovation as we bring new ideas and techniques to local transportation agencies.

Equipment Loan Program
Data helps roadway managers make informed decisions when prioritizing projects and deciding on the type and level of work that should be done. Collecting and analyzing data can help your agency prioritize safety, maintenance, and development needs. Having a better understanding of what is currently occurring is beneficial for future planning and helps provide improved safety and better service to motorists and pedestrians in your area.Local agencies are encouraged to take advantage of the tools available in the Equipment Loan Program as a way of saving money versus purchasing equipment that may only be needed for a short time.

Local Highlights
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Local Innovation Projects
One of Colorado LTAP’s main service objectives is to collect and disseminate real world examples of best practices, tips from the field and streamline the implementation of technology and innovation. The following is a compilation of local agency innovations and solutions from the National Build a Better Mousetrap Competition, Colorado You Show Us Innovation Contest, and CDOT’s Learn Everyday Innovations and Ideas Program.

Project Guidelines and How To Guides
As Colorado LTAP expands its equipment loan program, it will establish a toolbox of resources for how to successfully use and implement the different technologies toimprove your system processes. Resources are currently available for the following processes.
  • Determining the Safe Speed for Curves
  • Providing Proper Stopping Sight at Distance Curves
  • Restriping Parking Spaces