Project Guidelines and How To Guides

Warning Curve Sign

Toolbox for Performing a Curve Speed Study

Establishing the proper advisory speed for a curve is a critical step in ensuring the safety of your roadways. In this technology transfer toolbox, you are provided the resources for conducting a curve speed study. A curve speed study will establish the proper advisory speed that should be listed on the advisory speed plaque and posted with the advanced warning curve or turn sign.

Guide for Determining the Safe Speed for Curves

NY LTAP provides resources and guidance on using the Safe Curve Speed Indicators/Ball Bank Indicators from our equipment loan program to determine the safe speed of curves.

Videos on How to Perform a Curve Speed Study

OH LTAP provides a series of videos that take you through the process of performing a curve speed study using a digital ball bank indicator. Below the videos are the actual forms and worksheets used in the videos. You can download or print the forms as a reference while you watch the videos.

Curve Line of Sight Diagram

Providing Proper Sight Distance at Curves

How to Provide Proper Sight Distance at Curves

On horizontal curves, vegetation on the inside of the curve may restrict the driver's line of sight ahead. Drivers need to be able to see ahead around the curve for the same stopping sight distance as they do at intersections. The distance it takes to notice a problem, realize a stop is necessary and come to a complete stop is called stopping sight distance. In this article, KS LTAP provides information on how to measure for stopping sight distance and improve sight distance around curves.

Handicapped Parking Area Illustration

Restriping Parking Spaces

ADA Compliance Brief - Restriping Parking Spaces

When a business or state or local government restripes parking spaces in a parking lot or parking structure (parking facilities), it must provide accessible parking spaces as required by the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design (2010 Standards). This compliance brief provides information about the features of accessible car and van parking spaces and how many accessible spaces are required when parking facilities are restriped.