Equipment Loan Program


Colorado LTAP’s Equipment Loan Program offers various pieces of equipment available for loan to all local government agencies throughout Colorado. Agencies will have access to the equipment for a three week period (a longer loan period may be possible, but dependent on equipment demand and potential wait list of recipients). If the requested equipment is checked out when we receive your request, you will be notified and your name will be put on a waiting list. You may also request equipment ahead of time and schedule delivery for a later date when you will coordinate staff time for its use. There is no cost to borrow this equipment. However, your agency is responsible for ensuring its security and is responsible for paying for repairs or replacement in the event that the equipment gets damaged. All local agencies will be required to sign a Loan-Borrow Agreement and meet LTAP staff to exchange the equipment. CO LTAP staff will show you how to install and properly use the equipment. When your loan period is complete, you will need to meet LTAP staff to return the equipment.

Colorado LTAP exists to help. Our resources below are offered a no cost.



Night time sign visibility cannot be ignored when reviewing the overall safety of our local roads. The FHWA MUTCD requires ALL agencies with roads open to public travel to maintain their signs to a minimum level of retroreflectivity and contrast levels. To help local agencies meet these requirements, Colorado LTAP has 3 RetroSign GR3 Sign Retroreflectometers for loan. The RetroSign GR3, complete with GPS and barcode reader, is a hand-held device that measures retroreflection of road signs and other materials. A 9-ft Extension Pole Kit is available. A retroreflectometer can be very helpful in developing an assessment or management method of compliance to the retroreflectivity guidelines. Sign maintenance training of varied lengths is also available upon request.

Pavement Marking Retroreflectometer

Local agencies require an efficient way to verify the nighttime visibility and retroreflectivity of their Pavement Markings. The StripeMaster II is a useful tool to collect asset management data with minimal operator training. CO LTAP’s StripeMaster 2 Qd Color (SM2QC) model provides retroreflectivity measurements and field values for night-time color and Qd daytime visibility assessment. The meter measures flat and profiled markings up to 15 mm on dry, wet, or continuous rain surfaces. The touch-screen allows for fast measuring with an included printer and easy data export by USB or Bluetooth. It can store more than 25, 000 measurements and is equipped with an internal GPS, ambient temperature thermometer, and humidity hygrometer. Operators can attach installation dates, thickness, bead types, material types, color, pavement types, and location directly to the readings.

Traffic Counters (2)

These are non-intrusive traffic collectors and classifiers. Front Fire Armadillo Trackers collect bi=directional speed, volume and vehicle class. 

Non-nuclear Asphalt Density Gauge

Quickly access, download and delete project data for fast, reliable accurate and repeatable readings in real time for any crew member. This gauge has a full color user interface with a touch screen and LED backlight for easy visibility. A complete status bar will alert you to GPS, data save, date/time and battery statuses. The case is made with aluminum and powder-coated gloss back with orange reflective graphics to increase awareness at night. Best of all? Non-nuclear means no badges, licenses or storage and transport concerns!

Safe Curve Speed Indicators/Ball Bank Indicators

Safe Curve Speed Indicators/Ball Bank Indicators

The safe driving speed for any curve is quickly and accurately determined with the "SCSI" mounted in the inspector’s car. The scale reads zero when the car is level, and will show "tilt" up to 25 degrees on each side. The scale is red beyond +/-10 degrees to denote danger zones. The "SCSI" was designed by Slope-Meter in accordance with State DOT specifications. Traffic Divisions nation-wide used these tools to improve roadway safety throughout their jurisdiction. Visit our Process Guidelines page for details on how to perform a safe curve speed study.

Illuminated Pocket Microscope

Illuminated Pocket Microscope

The Illuminated Pocket Microscope (6" L x 1-3/4" W) is ideal for viewing anywhere, especially in the field. It features a sliding focus wheel, built-in light source and a light-weight design. This hand-held microscope with 30x magnification is perfect for using in the field with the Retroreflectometer if you need to determine what type of Sign Sheeting Material or Pavement Markings you have installed.

Survey and Grade Checking Equipment

Surveying is the process of determining relative positions of objects or points - ex. Roads, bridges, culverts or drainage inlets. Horizontal positions are calculated from distances and directions, and vertical positions from differences in elevations. This loan package includes standard equipment used in Survey Control, Horizontal and Slope Distance Measuring, Vertical Elevation Measurement and Leveling - Automatic Level 24x, Heavy-Duty Aluminum Tripod, Open Reel Fiberglass Tape Measure, Rod Level, Hand Level with Draw Eyepiece, Plumb Bob, and Fiberglass Folding Engineers Ruler.

Additional Equipment Coming Soon

Under Construction/Coming Soon Sign

Turning Movement Counter, Bike and Ped Counters, Radar Speed Sign, and more!

We also offer Operations Support Equipment. Ask about borrowing:

  • Projector 
  • Projector Screen
  • Laptop
  • Monitor

Do you have a suggestion for a piece of equipment that LTAP should add to its lending program? Share your suggestions with Colorado LTAP.