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The Roads Scholar I full-day class fee is $50 per person for employees of government agencies, and $75 per person for non-government agencies. The fee includes lunch and materials. APWA and CARSE have provided money for scholarships and interested individuals should contact the CLTAP office for details.

Colorado LTAP manages three different training programs. The Roads Scholar I program started in 1991, and is designed to provide participants with the training necessary to increase their knowledge of transportation safety, local road maintenance and construction procedures and improve their technical skills by attending a wide variety of programs available at reasonable costs.

How Can I Become a Roads Scholar?

Colorado LTAP holds classes at varying locations throughout the state. Courses are open to all state, county, and city municipal employees with an interest in transportation related topics. To become a designated “Roads Scholar” each participant must take the 4 core curriculum courses and five additional electives of their choice, for a total of nine courses. After each course, participants receive a certificate of attendance, and upon completion of the program requirements are presented with a plaque. There is no time limit to completing the coursework.

Additionally and because many Roads Scholar I offerings are inclusive of the Road Safety Champion (RSCP) modules, the RSCP certification can be earned in tandem with the Roads Scholar I program. . Thus, participants get a two for one when attending these specific sessions. 

What are the 4 Required Core Classes?

Each of the core curriculum courses is 7-hours in length and qualifies as one Roads Scholar I course credit. The following outlines a few of the topics covered in the four core courses. The core courses do not have to be taken in any particular order. The Signing, Pavement Markings course and Roadway Safety are offered in the Spring each year; while Drainage and Safety on the Job are offered in the Fall.

  • Signing, Pavement Markings and MUTCD: Roadway Signing Standards, Criteria for CO, Types of Signs, Locations/Placement; Pavement Markings and Delineators, Warrants, Object Markers; Introduction to the MUTCD - Language and Parts 1-3 with high level discussion on Parts 7-9.
  • Roadway Safety and Work Zone Traffic Control: Roadway Safety and Roadside Hazards, Low Cost Safety Countermeasures, Liability, Human Factors, MUTCD Part 6, Flagger Safety, Safety Edge, Night Work, Typical Applications, and hands-on exercises.
  • Roadway and Roadside Drainage: Why is Drainage Important, Maintenance of Different Drainage Types, Evolution of Materials Used, Difference in Rural and Urban Structures, Integrity and Strength of Subgrade, Effects of Moisture, etc.
  • Safety of the Job: Developing a Safety Culture, Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls, Personal Protective Equipment, Lockout-Tagout and Machine Guarding, Safety Around Heavy Equipment, Trenching and Excavation Safety

What are the 5 Elective Courses

Five additional Electives are needed for a total of nine courses. There is no prescribed list of required elective courses for the Roads Scholar I program. Elective course topics change each year and many new courses are added throughout the year. Elective courses are all 7-hour trainings, with topics ranging from roadway materials, maintenance, and construction issues; to transportation safety, management, and roadway design aspects. Courses offered in the Roads Scholar II or Supervisory Skills programs cannot count as Roads Scholar I Electives. Multi-day courses count as just one Roads Scholar I Elective.


The Colorado Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) and the Colorado Association of Road Supervisors and Engineers (CARSE) provide scholarships for Colorado local government agencies to attend LTAP training. Contact Colorado LTAP to request a scholarship.

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