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Colorado LTAP offers the opportunity to become a certified Road Safety Champion through the National Center for Rural Road Safety. This program is designed to build a knowledgeable, safety-minded workforce, responsible for operating, maintaining and designing local roads. 
This certification can be earned in tandem with the Roads Scholar I program or independently. Many Roads Scholar I offerings are inclusive of the RSCP modules. Thus, participants get a two for one when attending these specific sessions. Alternatively, the RSCP modules are offered online through the National Center for Rural Road Safety. Colorado LTAP will recognize certificates gained through either channel for individuals in pursuit of their RSCP certificates. 

(Note: CO LTAP curriculum has been reworked to incorporate these modules. As such, RSCP credit cannot be granted to participants who have completed these CO LTAP offerings previously)

Training participants will complete a series of courses in core and specialized safety issues. When all requirements are met, participants will be awarded a Road Safety Champion Program Certificate.

(Note: the certificate is not a degree or professional certification.)

What are the Required Core Classes? 


What are the Career Focused Pathway Requirements

Career Focused Pathway: Maintenance & Construction



The Colorado Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) and the Colorado Association of Road Supervisors and Engineers (CARSE) provide scholarships for Colorado local government agencies to attend LTAP training. Contact Colorado LTAP to request a scholarship.


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