On Demand and Online Training Resources

Workers Working on a Partially Buried Pipe

Learn on your schedule! We understand it's not easy to find time in your busy schedule to attend training. The following online resources are designed to improve the skills and knowledge of local transportation agencies allowing you to get the training you need at times that are convenient for you. Online training allows you to proceed at your own pace, anytime and anywhere.

  • Online Maintenance Training Programs
    Colorado LTAP will provide Roads Scholar I Elective Credit to participants who complete these online training programs - Culvert Installation and Maintenance, Sign Maintenance and Management, or Gravel Road Maintenance and Design. (MN LTAP)

  • Safety Webinars
    Recorded webinars for training at your own computer on your own time. (MT LTAP)

  • Work Zone Safety and Flagging Tutorial
    Refresher tutorial providing the fundamentals of work zone safety and basic concepts of flagging in a work zone. (NY LTAP)

  • Roadside Safety Systems Design, Inspection and Maintenance Training Videos
    This series of 7 training videos is designed to provide local transportation agencies with information needed to ensure optimal barrier installations. (CA LTAP)

  • Electronic Video Streams
    The Illinois LTAP places electronic video streams of select titles from their library on the internet for downloading or web viewing. Under the VIDEOS tab, click on Reproducible Videos, for a list of video files grouped by Topic Heading. Windows Media Player is required to view the videos, but a link for a free copy is provided. (IL LTAP)

  • Construction and Utility Equipment Operator Training
    Online safety training and instructor kits for the construction nad utility industries. (Vista Training)