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Collecting and disseminating real world examples of best practices, tips from the field and streamlining the implementation of technology and innovation.


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FHWA Build a Better Mousetrap 2023 National Recipients

FHWA received another record number of exciting nominations in 2023 from 20 state, local and Tribal agencies.  The national winners are recognized for their innovations in four categories: Innovative Project; Smart Transformation; Bold Steps; and Pioneer.  The winners were recently announced during the National Local and Tribal Technical Assistance Program Association’s Annual Meeting in Columbus, Ohio.  See the video announcement: https://youtu.be/ZZWbcD6lCZE

The Federal Highway Administration Local Aid Support team supports the use of innovative solutions to improve transportation performance by working through the local and Tribal Technical Assistance Centers to provide training and access to subject matter experts.  For more information on Build a Better Mousetrap and other national initiatives visit, https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/clas/babm/.  

FHWA Build A Better Mousetrap 2023 Booklet of Local Innovations

2023 You Show Us Contest Winner: City of Monte Vista

2023 Colorado LTAP Trailblazer Winner: City of Monte Vista

The Colorado LTAP Trailblazer Competition is a great way to share innovative ideas with others that may benefit from new concepts. This concept serves as a way to showcase all the great work happening in Colorado! Open to all government agencies in Colorado, the winner will compete with the state winning entries from the LTAP North Central Region states to determine a Regional Winner. The Colorado winner will also be submitted to compete in FHWA's National Build a Better Mousetrap competition.


Colorado Local Agency Innovations

In many instances there are not enough transportation dollars available to maintain our transportation systems to the desired level of service. Solving this problem requires efficient use of existing funds and materials, along with the application of cost-reducing innovative techniques. Colorado LTAP’s annual Creative Solutions Award Program – the “You Show Us Contest” – is a profitable way to share your innovative ideas with others that may benefit from your concept. This is your opportunity to showcase something that has worked and of which you are proud. Share your innovation with your counterparts across Colorado!


Lean Every Day Innovations & Ideas


CDOT Lean Everyday Innovations and Ideas Program

All employees are encouraged to improve how we do our work; and all innovation and idea efforts add value. CDOT's lean improvements include large, cross-functional process improvements as well as smaller, work-group and individual inventions.

The Lean Everyday Innovations and Ideas program website includes access to details on over 108 innovations categorized by system improvements, technology, or personal performance. Check out these two postings about a plow shield and de-icer outflow!