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Ron Wagoner Retires from City of Lakewood

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Ron Wagoner Retires from City of Lakewood
After 50 years with the City of Lakewood, Ron Wagoner, a pillar of the Public Works community, finally retires.

Colorado Online Flagger Certification available at OnlineFlagger.com

OSHA COVID-19 Precautions for the Workplace (Updated Aug 2021)
The US Dept. of Labor/OSHA published updated guidance on COVID-19 precautions for all workplaces. Click above to view the OSHA COVID Press Release.

National FHWA-LTAP “Bold Steps” Innovation Award
Congratulations to Arapahoe County Road & Bridge for recently winning the National FHWA-LTAP “Bold Steps” Innovation Award for their Jaws of Life Culvert Repair program. Read more...

National APWA Top Ten Leader Award
Marlene Crosby, Gunnison County Public Works Director, receives National APWA Top Ten Leader of the Year Award. Read more...

CO LTAP Director Wins National LTAP Award
Renée Railsback was awarded the National LTAP Program Achievement Award. Read more...

FHWA Plans a New Edition of the MUTCD to Address Innovation
Get ready for automated vehicles, updated manual to focus on new highway technologies, read more...

CO LTAP Wins National Award for Transportation Innovation
Colorado LTAP's Local Innovation Implementation Summit was one of three National recipients of the 2018 STIC Excellence Awards for demonstrating success in fostering a strong culture of innovation among transportation stakeholders.

6 CO Local Agency Projects Displayed at Innovation Conference
Six Colorado local agencies recently displayed projects and equipment at the LTAP Local Innovation Implementation Summit in Denver.

Colorado Local Agency Wins National Innovation Award
Congratulations to Gunnison County PW for winning the FHWA's 2017 National Build a Better Mousetrap Competition with their "Guardrail Reclaimer" project.