Special Projects & Funding

Every year money by way of grants and other streams are left unleveraged. Money that local agencies can benefit from. But where does one start? How do you write a grant application for selection? And....what do you do if you get the funding?!?


What Colorado LTAP's Special Projects & Funding Support offers

With this service offering, Colorado LTAP partners with local agencies to provide support in identifying projects and funding streams (including the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL or IIJA) that will benefit Colorado's local agencies. The Special Projects Coordinator will provide support with the funding application process, planning, implementation, program reporting and closing out the project.




Funding Opportunities for Local Agencies

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • Federal Transit Administration
    • Innovative Coordinated Access & Mobility (ICAM) $4.7 million
      • Deadline to apply: February 13, 2024
  • FHWA Grants
    • Advanced Transportation Technology and Innovation (ATTAIN) Program $60 million
      • Deadline to apply: February, 2, 2024
    • Tribal Transportation Program Safety Fund (TTPSF)
      • Deadline to apply: January 15, 2024
    • Saving Lives with Connectivity Accelerating V2X Deployment (more)
      • Deadline to apply: January 17, 2024
  • Other Funding Streams
    • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
      • Environmental and Climate Justice Community Change Grant program (Community Change Grants)
        • Deadline to apply: November 21, 2024


Funding Sources to Consider.pdf


Project Management Toolkit for Local Agencies

Coming Soon!

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Local Projects Awarded

  • Fiscal Year 2022
    • RAISE Grants
      • City of Pueblo, $16,834,725
      • City of Alamosa, $4,777,640
      • CDOT $24,248,940
    • Safe Streets for All (SS4A) Grants
      • 20 Communities total, $6,088,970
      • Creede, Silverton, Ouray & Lake City, $640,250


    Grant Projects 2022.pdf

  • Fiscal Year 2023
    • RAISE Grants
      • City of Cortez, $825,300
      • City of Delta, $13,196,356
      • Idaho Springs $2,410,000
      • Revitalizing Main Streets (RMS)
        • Multiple - see document below
    • State Transportation Innovation (STIC) Grants
      • Colorado LTAP: Establishment of the Colorado Road & Bridge Institute

Grant Projects 2023.pdf

Colorado has been awarded a total of $213 million discretionary grants (via. FHWA) since the “BIL” was passed in November 2021.