This form is used if you would like to request equipment through our loan program. If you would like to submit a question or request transportation related assistance, visit our Technical Assistance page. Want to suggest something we should add to our catalogue? Contact us!

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  Sign Retroreflectometer ONLY
  Sign Retroreflectometer WITH Extension Pole Kit
  Pavement Marking Retroreflectometer
  Illuminated Pocket Microscope
  Safe Curve Speed Indicators (Ball Bank Indicators/Slopemeter)
  Survey and Grade Checking Equipment
  Non-nuclear Asphalt Density Gauge
  There is no cost to borrow this equipment.
However, your agency is responsible for ensuring its security and is responsible for paying for repairs or replacement in the event that the equipment gets damaged. All local agencies will be required to sign a Loan-Borrow Agreement on-site and meet LTAP staff to exchange the equipment. CO LTAP staff will show you how to install and properly use the equipment. When your loan period is complete, you will need to meet LTAP staff to return the equipment.

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