Stabilization of Unpaved Roads (Frisco)

Event Date: 9/1/2021
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM


Event Overview
0083 Nancy's Place, CR 1014 Frisco, CO

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Course Description

With almost half of the 4 million miles of the United States Transportation System are Gravel/ Unpaved this type of road is very important to the system.  As cost for labor, fuel and materials continue to outpace the current revenues, the value of proper design and maintenance of this system is paramount to the transportation needs of those traveling and maintaining this system.

Good gravel road maintenance or rehabilitation depends on two basic principles: proper grading/ compaction and use of good surface gravel.  The use of the grader to properly shape the road is obvious to almost everyone, but the quality and volume of gravel needed is not as well understood. This is particularly true when dealing with the problem of corrugation or “washboarding.” The problem is often perceived as being caused by the grader but is primarily caused by the material itself. This course will help provide a better understanding of what makes good surface gravel.

Another important matter to consider is the dramatic change in the vehicles and equipment using low volume roads. Trucks and agricultural equipment are increasing in size and horsepower. The trend is toward even larger machinery.

This course will also cover innovations in the gravel road maintenance/rehabilitation industry. There are new ways of stabilizing roads, new methods of dust control, new and different kinds of equipment available for maintenance/ rehabilitation of gravel roads, and even new surface materials such as recycled asphalt being used.


Topics that will be covered 

History of Gravel Roads

Proper design and structure

Material selection and testing

Using Geotextiles on Gravel Roads

Grading techniques for a longer lasting road

Stabilizers and Dust palliatives

Innovative Equipment



Registration Fee

The registration fee for this workshop is $50 per person for employees of government agencies and $75 per person for non-government agencies. Fee includes any class handouts and lunch. Registration can be paid online, or via invoice upon special request. Please contact for questions.


Cancellation Policy

Please be considerate of those on the waiting list, cancel early if necessary. A full refund will be made if you cancel no later than 3 business days prior to the training day; otherwise, you will forfeit the registration fee.


Special Notes

In order to receive credit for this class, attendees must stay until the end when it is dismissed by the instructor and class certificates are awarded.


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